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Pricing & Services

Full Groom includes:
Nail trim, shampoo & conditioner, ear cleaning, plucking(done by request only), full clipping, cologne & finishing touches.

Tidy up includes:
Nail trim, shampoo & conditioner, paws, face, sanitary trim. "Tidy ups" are usually "in-between" full grooming sessions as no full body trims will be done at this time.


Now Available!!!

The Nagayu Bathing System!

Improvements to deep cleaning the coat, hot spots, skin Irritations etc.

Grooming Prices:
All prices are subject to change without notice.
We do not like price increases (who does!) but when we receive increases from our suppliers for such items as Shampoo, blades, scissors, blade and scissor sharpening, etc, in that case we have no choice but to raise our prices also.
 Exact price depends on condition of coat,  type of cut/styling required and temperment (if more time is required)
Prices also depend on how often the dog is groomed throughout the year.  A client who books regularly every 4 - 6  weeks will  pay  slightly less than a once or twice a year groom.  

The following prices are based on a dog that is regularly groomed every 4 to 6 weeks.
**prices do not include tax**




      Nail trim only (included in full groom and            Tidy up) - $15.00

  • Nail trim & grinding - $20.00

  • Nail trim, grinding & paw trim - $35.00

  • Flea & Tick bath - $20.00

  • Skunk bath - $5.00

  • Nagayu Medicated - $10

  • Blueberry facial - $5.00

  • Tick removal - $5.00

  • De-matting - $10 per 15 min.

  • Deshedding - price to be determined based on size and breed of dog

  • Semi-permanent hair colour - $5.00 per section

  • Teeth brushing (includes breath spray & take home tooth brush) - $10.00 (Please note, this is a brushing only, not a full dental scaling!)

  • Anal glands (external only) - $5.00

  • New! Pet Portrait (Digital)

  • $5 (5 poses)

  • Deluxe add on Spa Package $25

  • (includes teeth brushing,  facial, glands, nail grinding, bling collar charm and digital Portrait, 5 poses)

Toy breeds(min pins, chihuahuas,pugs)
Full groom: $ 40 - $55

Small Breeds (Yorkies, Morkies, small Maltese etc))
Full groom:  $67- $75
Tidy up: $40 - $45

Medium Breeds (Shitzus,Westies, Min.Schnauz)
$70 and up
Tidy up: $ 40 - $50

Medium to large Breeds  (Cockers, Port. Water Dogs, Soft Coated Wheatens, etc) $85 and up

Larger breeds 
Please note, we are no longer accepting any NEW large breed clients which includes: Doodles, Standard Poodles, Golden Retrievers, etc.
We are still accepting other breeds up to 50 lbs.   


A note about ear hair plucking:
Did you know that ear plucking can sometimes do more harm than good? This procedure can damage the tender inner ear tissue and allow bacteria to thrive. At Paws R Us, we do a light ear trimming only as well as cleaning and scissoring of the ear hair.  Ear Plucking is done by request only.

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