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We reached $500 for Brant SPCA, Wow!!

I was actually very overwhelmed with the positive response to our fundraising efforts! My original goal was $250 but we reached $500 through the sales of nail trims and Pet Portraits.

By no means am I even close to being a Professional Photographer! LOL But I truly feel that our pets are a vital part of each of our lives so I like to think of every special occasion that is coming up and make a backdrop scene so it feels like your pet is also celebrating with you. I have so much fun creating my photography "scenes"! Ive spent hours sometimes scouting thrift shops, dollar stores or using items I might already have on hand to create the perfect "vibe" for the pictures so it absolutely thrills me when clients comment on the pictures. I keep striving to make the pictures better and more entertaining! Lets face it, everyone has a pic of their pet either on their phone, laptop, picture frame etc, but I wanted to do something different and hopefully, interesting.

My only hope is that no one is offended by each of the themes I use as that is not my intention! For example I put real cans of Irish Beer in the pics for my St. Patricks Day scene (lets face it, people who celebrate St. Patricks day are usually out at the pub having a few drinks) and while not everyone cares about St. Patricks day, I hope it was at least good for a laugh.

Take Care


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