Loving Rescues

From tattered and torn to loved and adorned

Steve - formerly known as Sampson

Susie - formerly known as Ebony

In January of 2018 Brenda made the decision to rescue her little boy formerly known as 'Sampson' and now lovingly known as 'Steve'. Steve was rescued from the Dominican Republic where he was found with barbed wire wrapped into his foot. His past is unknown, but the two came into each others lives at critical times. 


In September of 2018 Brenda knew Steve needed a loving companion by his side and decided to rescue her little girl formerly known as 'Ebony' who now goes by 'Susie'. Steve and Susie will live out their lives with a full belly, a warm bed and lots of love!

Paws R Us would like to thank Little Miss Moffat Puppy Rescue and Coconut Hound Haven DCDR. If you would like to adopt and rescue an angel from them you can find adoptable dogs by clicking

In loving honor of her two beautiful rescues, Brenda plans on volunteering her time with the local Humane Society and will be grooming a "Dog of the month" each month. Working with the SPCA she will be giving a fabulous groom to a very deserving dog every month in hopes it will promote the dogs chances of being adopted. Stay tuned for some beautiful souls being groomed!

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