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Frequently asked questions...


"Can I stay for my dogs groom?"

At Paws R Us, we understand your love for your pet. While many dog owners feel that their dogs are more comfortable with them around or that they can be of help during the bath and grooming, the opposite is usually the case. If the owner of the dog is present, even if they stand back and do not get involved, the dog will still react to the presence of the owner, and seek reassurance and commands from them, not the groomer, which can make the grooming procedure difficult so generally we do not allow pet owners to stay during the grooming procedure unless there is a medical reason, i.e. seizures etc.  If you would like a tour of our facilities, please do not hesitate to ask!

"Do you sedate my dog?"

Within Ontario, it is illegal to sedate an animal without supervision of vet staff and permission of the pet's owner.  Should you feel your pet requires sedation, please notify your vet for a grooming sedative and let Brenda know your dog is sedated.

"How can I pay?"

We accept Cash, Debit and major credit cards. **NO CHEQUES PLEASE**

"My dog is matted, does he/she have to be shaved? I don't want it to be short!"

What many do not realize is that a matted, thick coat, will not protect your dog from the elements. Instead the matting will result in pulling your dogs skin, which can result in hot spots, scabbing, abrasions and cause skin irritations. It is easier for your pet to start with a fresh coat - having been shaved. Regular brushing, combing and grooming maintenance will prevent this in the future.

"How often should my dog be groomed?"

We recommend a groom every 6-8 weeks for most breeds.

"How often should my dogs nails be trimmed?"

We recommend a nail trim at least once a month.

"Is there anything I should do before my dogs groom?"

We advise not to feed your dog a full meal before the groom. We ask that you let your pet relieve itself prior to arriving. Please bring your pet in leashed or under control.

"Do you groom cats, bunnies, etc?"
No, we do not.

Auntie Brenda looks forward to welcoming old and new clients to Paws R Us Pet Grooming Brantford!

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